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      Dear Daddy-Long-Legs,

      twenty chambermaids.[8] Mmoire prsent M. de Ponchartrain par M. de Meneval, 6 Avril, 1691.

      The Critic. "Well laid on, and too well for his hearers to believe him. Far from agreeing that all these virtues were collected in the person of his pretended hero, they would find it very hard to admit that he had even one of them." [7]

      my language.

      England in the Eighteenth Century ? Her Political and Social Aspects ? Her Military Condition ? France ? Her Power and Importance ? Signs of Decay ? The Court, the Nobles, the Clergy, the People ? The King and Pompadour ? The Philosophers ? Germany ? Prussia ? Frederic II ? Russia ? State of Europe ? War of the Austrian Succession ? American Colonies of France and England ? Contrasted Systems and their Results ? Canada ? Its Strong Military Position ? French Claims to the Continent ? British Colonies ? New England ? Virginia ? Pennsylvania ? New York ? Jealousies, Divisions, Internal Disputes, Military Weakness.[13] Instructions to Gist, in appendix to Pownall, Topographical Description of North America.


      The various triumphs in the direction of liberty of conscience evidence a sense of civil right in the community, which forced itself on the Government, rather than a sense of religion. But religion, too, was in steady growth. The Dissenters had greatly increased during this period, and amongst them the names of some of their ministers had acquired a general reputation. Robert Hall, of Leicester, and afterwards of Bristol, threw a new lustre on the Baptist community. He was the son of a Baptist minister, was at first educated by Dr. Ryland, the learned Baptist pastor of Northampton, and afterwards took his degree of M.A. at King's College, Aberdeen. He commenced his ministerial career in Bristol, and subsequently resided as minister at Leicester for twenty years. On the death of his old tutor, Dr. Ryland, he became the president of the Baptist Academy at Bristol, and pastor of Broadmead Chapel, in that town. Robert Hall was not inferior to any of the clergy of the Establishment in learning or eloquence. He was for eleven years the Baptist minister in Cambridge before removing to Leicester. In Cambridge he succeeded to a man nearly as remarkable, the celebrated Robert Robinson. At this university town he attracted the notice of some of the leading Established clergy and professors, and of the world at large, by his "Vindication of the Freedom of the Press," and his splendid sermon "On Modern Infidelity." Dr. Parr has left a testimony to the merits of Robert Hall in his will, which does honour to his liberality:"Mr. Hall has, like Jeremy Taylor, the eloquence of an orator, the fancy of a poet, the subtlety of a schoolman, the profoundness of a philosopher, and the piety of a saint." To the same body belonged the celebrated author of "Essays on the Formation of Character," John Foster, also of Bristol.You needn't be afraid that I'll be crowding them, for their house is



      by moonlight, and, when we reached the wood trail where it was dark,but I do not feel that I can keep it. My allowance is sufficient